Experience More

If you want your Volkswagen® or Audi® driving experience to be more exciting, you need to stop by or
call Fast Enough Performance today! We have deep roots in the performance side of the industry and
a significant part of Fast Enough Performance’s beginnings were based around an enhanced driving
experience. This means we’ve been modifying Volkswagens® and Audis® longer than most. We’ve seen it
all and with an almost infinite amount of options there is a lot to know! We know which enhancements
work well, which ones don’t, and where the compromises are. What we can offer you is expertise in
listening to what your needs are and providing reliable solutions.

We have many philosophies on this subject. One is…”Tune to suit.” Simply, this means that you can tell
us what you want your car to do and trust us to tell you how to get that result in a way that maintains
reliability, drivability, and gets the additional performance. Although we do offer service for off-road
and racing Volkswagens and Audis, our focus is on vehicles that are driven regularly on public roads.
This means that solutions must be reliable, have minimal side effects to being driven on the street,
and get you those results you want! Our Problem Solver is fond of saying, “It goes, it turns, it stops!”
That’s his way of saying I like the way this car drives, it drives the way I want it to, not just how it was
originally intended to. We all love our cars and enjoy the driving experience greatly. Most of our staff
drives modified Volkswagens or Audis. We believe that when it comes to performance, you can have

reliability, daily driver feel, and performance all in one with minimal compromises. We look forward to
your performance inquiry!

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